Amazon Basics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

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Amazon Basics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups
Amazon Basics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups


12-pack of reusable baking cups; made of food-grade BPA-free silicone; ideal for baking, lunch/snack cups, and more

Top Positive Review

I bought these for making homemade lotion bars and they worked perfectly! The bars didn??t stick and popped out very easily, plus they look nice with the crinkled edges. A friend gave me this simple recipe and they are wonderful:
Body Butter Bars
20g cocoa butter
30g virgin coconut oil (not fractionated)
20g beeswax
Combine ingredients in a heat resistant jar or measuring cup and melt in a pan filled with a couple of inches of water on low/medium heat. Pour melted lotion into molds and let set until hardened, then pop them out of the molds. They melt just enough when rubbed on the skin and smell like coconut, honey and chocolate!!

Top Critical Review

I bought these about a year or so ago, and have been using them almost weekly ever since for muffins – i loved the convenience and fun colors. Yes they have a smell when baking and yes they have a bit of a taste (“soapy” to me, as others mentioned). I just thought silicone did that, until I was reading in a cookbook this past weekend and it mentioned silicone baking cups – “…you can also use silicone pans or cups, but be sure to choose 100% silicone products…other products not only are less effective but also tend to leach and smell” (FOK Cookbook page 17). Ack! I logged in to look at my order and notice now that although it says “food grade silicone”, it does not say “100% food grade silicone”. So there are definitely other things in there. (Either the discussions around the pinch test weren’t in the reviews back then or I just somehow missed them.) So these will be going in the trash and I’ve ordered different ones which indicate they are 100% silicone. But now i wonder what I’ve been ingesting for the past year – hopefully nothing too bad. But really, if you haven’t bought them yet why take the risk.

Customer Questions & Answers

Silicone generally can only withstand 400-450 degrees so what makes these different? Are there other materials in them?
Answer: Can go into the air fryer or instant pot

Are these non stick ?
Answer: Yes. I made muffins and cupcakes with them and there was no sticking. Great product.

Has anyone done the pinch test on these? Did it turn white-ish?
Answer: If you Google the pinch test, you will see that it is not a reliable test method. And even if the silicone uses fillers, it wouldn’t be enough to cause any harm.

air fryer safe?
Answer: i have not tried them the air fryer because I’m afraid they will blow around, but they are food grade

Who is eating that many muffins to justify this purchase?
Answer: It’s a pack of 12 for a standard muffin pan. I would guess a family would eat the muffins. My sis also uses it to portion out food for her toddler.

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