If you have a Ford 6.7 Power Stroke diesel truck, the best method to obtain your truck carrying out fresh is with a remove package. These are a series of parts that will entirely eliminate the emissions systems from your truck as well as permit your ECM to handle them by itself, offering you an entirely brand-new globe of power as well as economic situation opportunities.
Remove Parts for the DPF and EGR
The DPF is among the primary discharges systems that your 6.7 Power Stroke diesel has, and it is accountable for reducing unsafe exhausts from your truck. Deleting the DPF is a preferred upgrade for efficiency gains, far better gas mileage, as well as enhanced integrity.
When the DPF system falls short, it can cost as high as $4k to replace. Additionally, it can harm the turbocharger as well as create a lot of backpressure that affects exactly how well it operates.
6.7 dpf delete
Fortunately, deleting the DPF system is simple with a delete set and can save you a considerable quantity of cash in the future. It can also save you from the problem of purchasing urea as well as other fuel to fill out your DPF storage tank.

These kits are made from either stainless or aluminum as well as are created to last a lifetime. They are usually much less than 5 pounds as well as are extremely simple to mount.
An erase package comes with every little thing you require to totally remove your 6.7 Power Stroke diesel’s DPF and also EGR. Some even featured a song pre-loaded on the tuner.
There are several kinds of remove kits to pick from. These consist of a gas dish erase, a DPF as well as EGR delete, and a full exhaust system. These packages vary in rate from $250 to $500 and can be purchased independently or as component of a full package.
The fuel dish erase will get rid of the manufacturing facility fuel dish from the electric motor and also make it possible for you to pump the fuel straight right into your high pressure fuel pump. This will make your 6.7 Power Stroke more responsive as well as offer you much better acceleration.
6.7 egr delete kit
Eliminating the DPF as well as EGR will provide your engine a much more open air flow. This will permit your engine to run smoother and also cooler, which can decrease endure your pistons, valves, and cylinder wall surfaces.
cummins dpf delete pipe
You must expect a gain in gas gas mileage of around 2-4 MPG+ when you install your DPF and EGR remove in addition to a custom song. Obviously, you’ll need to drive your vehicle carefully as well as optimize its driving practices as well as tire dimension to see the most improvement in MPG.
When you do decide to erase the DPF and also EGR from your 6.7 Power Stroke, make certain that you’re utilizing a specialist as well as accredited shop. You won’t intend to mess this up and have your truck stop working the discharges examination.
The EPA is ending up being increasingly more stringent on emissions tampering, so if you’re thinking about removing your DPF or EGR, make sure to do it with an expert. This will help you prevent concerns with enrollment, assessment, and resale worth.